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Zonk Machine Vintage Series Re-build

Regular price $600.00

This is our Zonk Machine rebuild, based on an original ~1966 John Hornby Skewes & Co. Zonk Machine.  
This Zonk is tuned to sound just like the original it was cloned from.  It has a very aggressive and dynamic tone that retains the subtlety of your playing.
High quality components throughout, including a New Old Stock hand selected germanium transistor trio of one Texas Instruments 2G374, one Mullard OC75, and one Mullard OC44/CV7003.  VIntage Mullard "tropical fish" and/or HUNTS capacitors, etc...
9V Battery power only. This build does feature the original on/off power switch integrated in to the "swell" control, so you can leave it plugged in on a pedal board without draining the battery, as long as you remember to switch it off.
This is a strictly limited edition of 8 units built just like the original.