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Yellow Sunshine

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I know, everybody and their grandmother makes a booster based on the Dallas Rangemaster. Probably because they just sound good. They’re a classic staple.  An “oldie, but a goodie”. This is our version, the Yellow Sunshine. It’s the classic Dallas Rangemaster germanium treble boost circuit with an optional full range boost and tone control, so you can dial in the sweet spot for your rig and/or place in the mix. Classic rock in a box. From Blues Breakers to Black Sabbath, this and a nice tube amp is how it's done.


NOS Vintage Germanium Transistor:  (choose your own transistor option)

  • Standard Germanium. These are always vintage NOS vintage PNP (positive ground) transistors. Always selected for high gain and extremely low leakage/low noise.
  • Texas Instruments OC44. These are high quality NOS metal can gold lead OC44's. Very close to the Mullard OC44, slightly less low end, & higher curve in upper mids & highs.
  • Mullard OC44/CV7003. These are black glass either stamped "OC44" or "CV7003". CV7003 is the military spec. Mullard OC44. CV7003's are OC44's  selected at the factory for higher gain and lower leakage for the military and are arguably the best quality Mullard OC44. 
  • Mullard OC43. ~Identical to Mullard OC44.
  • Mullard/Phlips OC141. These are NPN (negative ground) black glass. Excellent gain and extremely low leakage and noise. If you want your Yellow Sunshine to be negative ground like most other modern pedals this is the transistor option you want.

Switchable “Color” and “Brite” modes.  “Brite” is the classic 60's Dallas Rangemaster treble boost circuit. Switching to “Color” mode gives you a full range booster, allowing you to blend the exact shade of tones you need. I love the original Rangemasters, but they’re just too bright for many rigs.  I also love the darker sounding Iommi/Sabbath style modded versions, but I don’t like how they color the top end and don’t allow you the get the same bright glassy “present” Rangemaaster tone.  So, the Yellow Sunshine does both. 

“Color”  Use this to blend tones from bright to a full range boost, and trim the extreme highs.  You can basically use this to pick whatever tone color best suits your palate.

“Boost”  Use this to set the boost volume to taste, anywhere from jangly clean boost to overdriven. (There is also an internal bias trimmer if you would like to adjust bias to taste.  These boosters come pre-set from us for ~ 6.7V @ room temperature (~70F).

Silent Switching Unlike all other Dallas Rangemaster based boosters, the Yellow Sunshine has completely noiseless switching with no "pop" for a seamless audio transition when switching the pedal on and off. Switch "POP" has been a frequent subject of complaint for many players who use a Rangemaster type booster. Some manufacturers downplay or ignore the issue. Some say "you have to turn it on and off once before using it." Some add "pulldown" resistors which do nothing to remedy the issue. Some refuse to add an LED, claiming there is no way to add an LED without popping. Some even state "there is circuitry that will make the pop completely go away but it compromises the sound of this circuit which is a very raw circuit that relies on the interaction between it and your guitar and amp to do its magic." That's a bunch of wacky bull$hit. Every Yellow Sunshine booster comes standard with an LED status indicator and "no-pop" true bypass mechanical switching. The Yellow Sunshine LED and it's switching are completely isolated from the audio circuit and have zero effect on it's tone. 

All yellow sunshines come loaded with vintage Mullard/Philips “Tropical Fish” input and output coupling capacitors, high quality electrolytic capacitors, status LED indicator, 9V DC power jack, and noiseless true bypass switching.

Transistor Options: Positive Ground or Negative Ground???     Our "standard germanium", "Texas Instruments OC44", and "Mullard OC44/CV7003" transistor options are all wired POSITIVE GROUND and CAN NOT BE DAISY-CHAINED from one power supply with modern negative ground pedals! You must power with one dedicated 9V, use an isolated supply like Voodoo Labs, or just use a battery. If you want your Yellow Sunshine to come wired NEGATIVE GROUND so you can daisy chain power it with other modern pedals, you must choose the "Philips OC141" transistor option. 

Typically ships within 7-10 days.


Customer Feedback: "I've tried several, and yours in the only Rangemaster that has the Mullard OC44 and doesn't POP when you turn it on."  "Perfect"  "The "Color" control is amazing."