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Thomas Vinci Strings

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Acid Fuzz pedals is a proud dealer of THOMAS VINCI STRINGS U.S.A. - musical instrument strings manufacturer. They are still an American Company doing what they Love to do - Making Superior American Quality Musical Instrument Strings that ALL Musicians can appreciate. 

Like Acid Fuzz pedals, Thomas Vinci strings are made in USA. Thomas Vinci has over 50 + years of experience in musical string manufacturing. Vinci's computer controlled winding machines use state-of- the-art technology that helps their strings stay in tune longer while also producing Superb & Beautiful tones that all can enjoy.

If you're a fan of Jimi Hendrix and play a strat, you may want to try the Vinci 1010 L (10-38 gauge) set. This gauge was the preferred string set of Hendrix. Click here for more Hendrix string info


If you like using flat wound strings to get “that” vintage 1960’s sound on your Rickenbacker, Vox, or other guitars, you may want to try the Vinci 3005 SL (10-38) flat wound set. This is the only light gauge flat wound string set in the world! They are much easier for bending and vibrato than other flat wound strings, plus they have great tone for rock or jazz, and they last a long time.