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Sonic Boom (p2p)

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Based on the Vox Starstream/Ultrasonic/Delta on board effects.
This is the original style Sonic Boom point-to-point build.  Same exact circuit and sound as the PCB version, but this circuit is built entirely point-to-point rather than on a printed circuit board.  This is the original version used by Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, etc...
  • Frequency selective booster with both range and dedicated volume controls.
  • Distortion/Fuzz with controls for fuzz, volume, and bias.
  • Additional routing control for switching between booster first or fuzz first.
  • Repeater effect with individual controls for rate, depth cut, and volume. Cut control allows you to compensate for various input, amplitude‘s and impedances.
  • Additional switches for repeater tone voicing and speed mode.
  • LED indicator that flashes in time with the rate of the repeater effect, plus each effect has it's own status led, yellow for booster, red for distortion, and blue for repeater.
  • Effects loop so you can pretty much use any other effects in any order you want.
  • Expression pedal jack for hands free control repeater rate/speed.
  • Foot switch jack for hands free remote switching between repeater "Hi/Lo" modes. *Foot switch not included. You can add one to your order below or if you already have this pedal and only need the switch you can find it here: http://acidfuzz.com/foot-switch-for-sonic-boom-repeater-hilo-modes
  • 100% true bypass wiring.
  • 9V power jack.
Customer Feedback on the Sonic Boom: "These effects actually sound better than the original effects in my Vox Ultrasonic."