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Standard Features and Components:
  • Germanium transistor set.  Our standard Acid Fuzz OC75 and OC81D MKII transistor sets are ~exact sonic clones of the original Mullard devices. They are made exclusively for Acid Fuzz and are the culmination of 5 years of research and development on cloning the original Mullard OC75 & OC81D. OR you can choose the original production Mullard OC75 or other in stock premium MKII transistor sets below.
  • On/Off battery kill switch.
  • Philips/Mullard "tropical fish" capacitors.
  • High quality audio grade electrolytic capacitors.
Optional Features and Mods:
  • LED
  • External bias adjustment
  • Tone "FAT" switch.  This adds some more low/mids and shaves a hair off the extreme highs.
  • 9V DC jack. *PLEASE NOTE: If you choose this option your pedal will NOT come with the standard on/off switch, but will arrive with the DC jack instead.
Typically Ships Within 1-2 Weeks