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Italian Fuzz Compact

Regular price $244.00


  • New Old Stock germanium transistor pair 
  • External Bias Control
  • Tone Voicing Switch
  • 9V Externa Power Jack
  • Status LED
  • 125B size aluminum enclosure. dimensions:  4.75" x 3.75" x 2.5"

The Italian Fuzz compact is our idealized version of the Italian made Vox Tone Bender in a compact pedal board friendly enclosure. Although closely related to the germanium Fuzz Face circuit, this fuzz is more articulate and defined. It has strong gain and saturation at full "Attack", but doesn't get overly dark and wooly on the low strings. Lots of headroom and excellent clean-up when rolling off your guitar's volume. Good output volume if you need to pop out of the mix or would like to push your tube amp's input. 

Choose between our standard germanium transistor set, Mistral SFT353 & Mullard OC76, or the Mistral SFT337 & Mullard OC76 combination used in the original 1966 Vox Tone Benders. Our "standard germanium" set ranges from a variety of NOS transistors that sound and perform extremely close to the SFT337 & OC76. The Mistral SFT353 is ~identical to the Mistral SFT337 in all respects.

Thanks to gearmandude for the video.