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Acid Fuzzer MKI Mini

Regular price $289.00

A mini MKI

Features and Components:
  • GERMANIUM TRANSISTOR SET: Loaded with a trio of germanium transistors carefully selected for best tone in the MKI circuit. Our standard germanium set will always have a Philips/Mullard black glass OC75 in the first position, and two germanium transistors selected for best tone and performance in the second and third positions. OR, you can choose to have all three transistors Philips/Mullard black glass OC75.
  • Power On/Off battery kill switch*.
  • Carbon composition resistors
  • 100% point to point construction.
Optional Features: (Order Below)
  • LED 
  • 9V DC Power jack. *PLEASE NOTE: If you choose this option your pedal will not come with the standard on/off switch, but will come with a DC power jack instead.
  • Tone "FAT" Switch. This adds a bit more low/mids for a fatter sound.
Typically Ships Within 7-10 Days.