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Acid Fuzz Face NKT 275 Germanium (limited "teardrop" edition)

Regular price $629.00

Rebuild of the original Dallas Arbiter NKT275 germanium Fuzz Face. Original Style enclosure and guts.

The boards are made from vintage THICK 4oz copper clad.  They're loaded with New Old Stock Newmarket NKT 275 germanium transistors in the ideal fuzz face ranges. They're also stuffed with NOS Philips "chicklet" and "mustard" capacitors as well as newer Philips/Motorola electrolytic caps. Resistors are NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition.

Backwards jacks, fixed bias, and 9V battery power only, as original.  There's an on/off power switch on the "fuzz" control, so you can leave them plugged in on a pedal board or wherever without killing the battery.