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The REPEATER is our version of the Vox Repeat Percussion tremolo. 
We've been building a highly modified version of this circuit into our Sonic Boom multi-effects pedals for years and have received about a million requests for a stand alone repeater pedal. We wanted to make sure we offered the best repeater pedal available, so we listened to all your requests before we got down to it.  Our REPEATER is the answer to complaints we've received about other Vox Repeat Percussion clones: 


  •  "There's no expression pedal jack." Check. You can use our repeater with any 100K expression pedal or volume pedal to control the LFO rate hands free.
  • "The (product name omitted) ticks very loudly, so much I can't use it." Check. Our REPEATER has the least LFO background noise and lowest signal to noise ratio of any on the market. The Repeater oscillator is also powered off when bypassed so there is no chance of ticking when bypassed.
  • "The (product name omitted) isn't loud enough, it's not even unity gain." Check. Ours is not only the lowest noise, but it is also the HIGHEST OUTPUT VOLUME, almost twice unity gain! If you want to kick this on after you say "this chord is dedicated to you..." and then make the whole room vibrate, well... you can.
  • "It doesn't go slow enough." Check. Our repeater offers the slowest LFO rate so you can really get creepy.
  • "It doesn't sound like the original Vox Repeater in my guitar". Our REPEATER uses the same 2N2646 uni-junction transistor as the original Vox circuit which produces the same sawtooth wave and sound. We use higher quality low noise transistors to handle the signal so your tone remains pure. 
  • "The "product name omitted" thins out the sound too much. Check. With our REPEATER what you put in is what you get out, only REPEATED! 

    *Tip: If you turn the "Depth" control down all the way the REPEATER also becomes an outstanding booster!